Visionaries created a new industrial park

A small group of public-spirited individuals invested their own money and formed the Haverhill Foundation Trust in 1963. Then, as now, it was a non-profit organization organized to foster economic development. Old obsolete mill buildings and expansion needs were forcing many area companies to relocate. The city’s tax base was shrinking and the prognosis for the future seemed poor. But the feeling was that Haverhill could be rejuvenated if the vehicle for site acquisition, development, and construction for new and existing businesses was in place.

Download 1969 Ward Hill Park brochure

The new foundation took options with seed money and subsequently purchased 204 acres of prime, developable land between Route 125 and Interstate 495. The one provision on ech piece of property sold was that the company planning to open in the park had to provide jobs. In the beginning, the land had no links for sewer or water. But with a cooperative effort from the city development department and the state and utilities, the necessary connections were put in place and in 1964, the first businesses began to move in.

The Foundation, with help from the Small Business Administration, was able to offer 100 percent financing to businesses desiring to enter the park.

Today, more than 50 years later, the Ward Hill Business Park continues to serve business and industry, provide jobs and generate valauble tax revenues.