Ward Hill Business Park
Park is thriving by evolving for the 21st century

Today,Ward Hill Business Park is thriving as it adapts to the changing nature of the business world. Manufacturing businesses that were the first to put down roots and put people to work are still here. Joining in today are a diverse group of small businesses that help the park to flourish in its fourth decade of existence.

The park is easy to reach from north, south, east and west and is conveniently located on both the east and west sides of the Route 125 connector, off exit 48 of Route 495 north and south.

The future is bright as Ward Hill Business Park is more than 80 percent occupied. It continues to serve as the area’s economic driver, attracting new, cutting edge and growing businesses.

Park Association gives businesses a voice

The Ward Hill Park Association is a cooperative organization of businesses that was formed in 1997. For a list of Member Benefits, click here.

The first meeting of Ward Hill Park companies was aimed at helping members work together to improve their collective experiences. A volunteer park wide cleanup was sponsored and coordinated by the Association, in May of 1997.

Simultaneously, a review of options for the collective procurement of security services led to an agreement between the Ward Hill Park Association and Haverhill Police Department. This arrangement increased daily police presence in the Park and initiated a paid private weekend security patrol. Joining together in this endeavor, many companies were able to reduce individual private security expenses while receiving improved police services and coverage.

Following and building on the success of these early efforts the Association demonstrated ability to develop new business partnerships. Joining with the Cedardale Health Club a discounted membership program was negotiated and established in early 1999. This program is a significant membership benefit and it continues to be a great success.

Many relationships were established, that have grown over the years. One partnership between the Association and Northern Essex Community College in 1999 promoted individual applications for Workforce Training Grants and also coordinated training partnerships between a number of companies and the College, when feasible. Efforts such as this have allowed the Park Association to form many communication links that continue to reap benefits for companies located in the park.

Since its inception, an Executive Committee meets regularly to guide the direction of the Ward Hill Park Association. The Association continues to plan and solicit private money, State grants and City of Haverhill funds for road re-paving, traffic and safety improvements, infrastructure improvements and the latest technological advancements for the Ward Hill Park. The Association has developed a single strong voice to improve relations and State and City services.

An indication of the success is evidenced by the award of a $1 million Public Works Economic Development Grant from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, in 2000. This grant funded the construction of the Ferry Road access ramp from the 125 Connector. The remaining money was earmarked to develop a new sign improvement project. The signs were installed in October, 2005, prompting many to note the improved image that has resulted from both the Ferry Road project and the new signs. Other opportunities that the Association has researched include alternatives to collectively procure cost efficient health care, daycare, family services, as well as electric and gas purchasing collaboration. All of these have proven to provide beneficial information to companies in Ward Hill and are still monitored regularly for potential cooperative savings. The Association continues to promote and assist Park cleanliness initiatives and attempts to stay informed regarding City and State plans and programs that will affect Ward Hill businesses.

In addition, the Association monitors and updates company demographic information for purposes of soliciting grants and benefits. Finally,this Web site exists to keep members informed and improve collaboration. The Association also issues periodic member bulletins.